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About Hero

Security is the largest challenge of today's corporations. The threats you confront are known to Jade. Our complete services and solutions architecture, incorporating technology from worldwide safety managers, can assist you in developing best practices in the industry and confront every hazard with certainty. To secure your consumers, resources, and image, by collaborating with us. By concentrating on personnel, processes, and systems, Jade takes a holistic approach to minimize the safety risk. We have the experience to develop the correct security plan for your company – from data management and fires to secure programs, on-site and in the cloud – and anticipate, avoid, detect, and respond to all sorts of hazards.

Endpoint Security

From whitelisting to enhancing the visibility of endpoints to safeguarding mobile phones, Jade has covered you

Security for Operations Center

Operational efficiencies, compliance with rules, and trust in businesses, whether on-site or off-site SOC

Network Security

Enable your networks to identify and hold hazards wherever possible as a safety sensor

Application Security

Comprehensive and customizable solutions to ensure that web and mobile apps are secured and weaknesses managed.

Data Security 

Enforcement and protection efforts or Big Data Security Programs for all business use cases

People Security

Reduce your company and consumers' data breakage and damages with the appropriate approach to personal safety

Predictive Security

Uncover reactive assaults, detect underlying reasons that enhance forecasts, and become fully visible in time-changing attacks.

Security Detection and Response 

Jade provides end-to-end opportunities to ensure security intelligence, prevent intrusions and respond to incidents rapidly.

Security Governance Risk and Compliance 

Full and cost-effective GRC services to achieve the goals of your company.