Jade private limited is a complete solution provider which is serving international and domestic level private, public sector clients.

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Jade private limited is a complete solution provider which is serving international and domestic level private, public sector clients. As one of the contracting organizations, Jade private limited is considering its expertise in IT solution provider for surveillance, IT infrastructure development, Provision of security through high tech security cameras, IT networking and installation of cameras at the desired location, and data center management.

Procurement Policy

Jade private Limited has formulated a policy for the procurement of its goods and services ethically and transparently by conforming to the appropriate contractual and other related requirements according to procurement laws, which have been devised by its management.


It will be the priority of the company to seek diversity at the workplace, in its team, and also in its subcontracting partners. We prefer to afford all the interested and relevant parties with the provision of chances for competition. It can also include the development of good reliance efforts for the provision of maximum opportunities. We provide chances to each type of organization to partake in the procurement of its goods and services. Jade private limited has a strong belief that it has a confirmatory responsibility along with a strong commitment to finding out qualified small-scale businesses for inclusion on the sourcing list regarding procurement opportunities. The company analyses every procurement opportunity and finds out subcontractors and vendors, which can fulfill the criteria of the client's requirements of the project along with goals of diversity by offering values regarding chances being chased.

Ethical Policy

Jade private limited always made its commitment towards ethical conduct in all practices of its business. The company always made an effort to develop strong, healthy, and long-term benefits with its vendors and subcontractors, which are dependent on their capacity to deliver high-quality products and services. The vendors can deliver their products at an affordable price, which can contribute to the competitive capacity of the firm in the marketplace. Jade private limited always keeps high expectations from its vendors and subcontractors to provide high-quality products and services at transparent and affordable prices. The vendors can work together with the company on one platform to achieve excellence for the successful completion of the client's project. The company's code of ethics and anti-corruption policy can apply to all the staff members, vendors and subcontractors as well.

What we procure

Being a full service and solution provider, Jade Private limited is finding the vendors and sub-contractors which will provide their support in the completion of organizational projects in the field of development of IT infrastructure, security and surveillance equipment, networking solution at the desired workplace, and other solutions as per the requirement of the client.


The subcontractors and vendors are invited to register their company on the portal of jade private limited. The process of registration can include the company into jade’s database of subcontractors and vendors and provide special visibility among the procurement professionals, which are working with Jade Private limited at the national level. The company will review the profile of vendors and subcontractors before the hiring of vendors during the process of procurement. The vendors and subcontractors will be contacted by Jade Private Limited when they will be considered for working on the relevant project.